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$1 Billion Bitcoin Transfer Was Made

The largest Bitcoin wallet and owner of an unknown account recently received a $1 billion bitcoin transfer. The transfer of 101,857 BTC was shared between the two accounts.
We’ve seen many whales so far in the world of cryptocurrencies. These names, which activate cryptocurrencies that correspond to large amounts, have managed to gather the eyes of the world on their own many times. Today, we’ve encountered another cryptocurrency whale, but this time the money is considerably higher than the others.

101,857 Bitcoins were mobilised today from an account thought to be the largest Bitcoin wallet, while it is not known who it belongs to. The 101,857 Bitcoin transaction from the account is approximately 934 million dollars (approximately 6 billion 400 million 830 thousand TLwith today’s rate). The massive Bitcoin movement was first shared by the automatic cryptocurrency tracking service Bitcoin Block Bot the other day.

Details of the 101,857 BTC transaction:

You’d expect a massive processing fee again for this kind of procedure that leaves the mouths open, wouldn’t you? That’s what we expected, but according to shared information, Bitcoin, worth almost $1 billion, was mobilized for only $0.48 (about $3.30).

The account, which made almost $1 billion in Bitcoin transactions, was called the richest Bitcoin wallet until April last year. The mysterious account had 0.55% of all Bitcoins that existed at the time. The owner of this Bitcoin account continues to remain a mystery today.

So far, many allegations have been made about the account. According to some people, this giant account belonged to one of the major Bitcoin investors, such as a Bitcoin investor named Winklevii. However, it was also claimed that this account belonged to BitGo. BitGo officials, however, said they would not verify who owned the account for security reasons.

So who were the recipients of the Bitcoin movement? According to, the $934 billion transaction was shared between two anonymous wallets. One of these wallets received 5,000 BTC, while the second wallet was the wallet reached by the remaining 96,857 BTC. Thus, btc’s second wallet managed to become the second largest wallet, according to BitInfoCharts.

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