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Facebook Libra’s New Cryptocurrency Wallet Novi

Facebook has made a new development regarding libra, the cryptocurrency known to be working on for some time. In a statement, the company announced that it had created a new wallet for Libra and named it “Novi”.
Facebookhas been interested in cryptocurrencies for some time. In this context, the company says, “Libra”Even created a cryptocurrency called ” but this cryptocurrency has disturbed even the governments, and even if the project has been going on for some time, the process is moving quietly. Now Facebook has announced its new wallet for cryptocurrency Libra,Novi” .

In fact, Facebook recently created a wallet for Libra and named it”Calibra”. In fact, Facebook, which wanted to ensure that the process was best managed, had set up a subsidiary called Calibra, which was responsible for calibra’s development process. With the recent development, Calibra was replaced byNovi Financial.

Libra detail on Novi’s logo doesn’t escape attention

The statements made by Facebook included Novi’s logo. When we look closely at this logo, we can clearly see that the Libra icon is also embedded in Novi. This development suggests that Facebook is continuing its work on Libra and is perhaps working on something more comprehensive. However, the company declined to comment further.

Facebook’s crypto-currency industry is high in its eyes

When Facebook first entered the cryptocurrency industry, it was only planning to develop Libra. However, the subsequent statements revealed that the company wants to have a crypto money that is more comprehensive and compatible with more national currencies. Facebook’s cryptocurrency or units,for example, will be the kind of dollar that can be purchased in the future for sterling and euros.

Facebook recently said it would be as easy as sending messages to financial transactions with Libra. The company’s plans include the fact that this cryptocurrency can be used in apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This means that users will be ableto send money to each other on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Moreover, users will benefit from this service at no hidden surcharge.

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