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As, we respect your privacy rights and strive to ensure that during your time on our site. Descriptions of the security of your personal information are explained below and presented to you.

Registration Files

As with many standard web servers, keeps records of log files for statistical purposes. These files include; It contains standard information such as your ip address, internet service provider, browser specifications, operating system and site entry and exit pages. Log files are strictly not used for statistical purposes and do not violate your privacy. Your IP address and other information are not associated with your personal information.


We advertise outside companies on our site (Google, etc.). These ads may contain cookies and may collect cookie information by these companies and we cannot access that information. We work with companies such as Google Adsense, etc., please read the privacy agreements on their respective pages.


The word “Cookie” is used to describe a small text file that the webpage server has placed on your computer’s hard drive. Some parts of our site may use cookies to provide user convenience. Cookies and web beacons may also be used to collect advertising data through ads available on the site. This is entirely with your permission and it is possible to prevent this by changing the settings of your internet browser at your request.

External Connections links to different internet addresses from its pages. is not responsible for the content or privacy principles of the sites it links to or promotes banners. The linking process referred to herein is legally considered “referral”.


regarding the privacy policy applied on; you can send us all your questions, opinions and opinions from us.
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