Xiaomi Unveils In-Car Camera Mi Smart Dashcam 2K

Xiaomi recently introduced technological products in many different fields, finally introducing the next generation in-car camera Xiaomi Mi Smart Dashcam 2K. The Xiaomi-signed in-car camera, available for about $56, can record high-resolution videos up to 1600p.
China-based technology giant Xiaomi continues to expand its product range every day. In this context, the company, which held a promotional event earlier in the day, officially launched mi smart dashcam 2K. Mi Smart Dashcam 2K, as the name suggests, is an in-car camera similar to the normal camera.

The mi smart dashcam 2K, the second product in the series, offers a variety of image quality improvements compared to its predecessor. At this point, the in-car camera can record high-resolution videos up to 1600p, using a backlit OV OS05A10 image sensor. Let’s take a closer look at what Xiaomi’s next-generation in-car camera, the Mi Smart Dashcam 2K, offers.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Dashcam 2K features:

This sensor of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Dashcam 2K, which we say uses a backlit OV OS05A10 image sensor, has an f/1.8 aperture. With its wide aperture, the camera takes enough light and offers better quality image quality, while also coming with a wide viewing angle of 140 degrees.

The Mi Smart Dashcam 2K uses a 3-inch IPS panel on the display. Reflecting images in real time, this display also includes intelligent audio controls. At this point, the driver is allowed to perform actions such as taking photos or recording videos with direct audio control.

Features on Xiaomi’s next-generation in-car camera include also improved 3D noise reduction technology and WDR (Broad Dynamic Range). In this way, the quality of the images obtained is quite increased.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Dashcam 2K is listed on JD.com for about $56 ($381). It is not yet known whether the product will be offered for sale in our country. At this point, it is important to remember that if the product goes on sale in our country, the price will rise to higher levels with taxes.

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